SVM Animotion

is a veterinary service offering personalized assistance with holistic medicine for dogs, cats, and horses.

The care offered by SVM Animotion encourages the gradual dissolution of tensions through gentle movements that are precise, specific, and localized on a specific region or articulation and with acupuncture. Through natural reflexes, a message of relaxation and general well-being is transmitted and is then reflected throughout the animal’s body. The latter gradually regains fluidity in movement. The joy of living and pleasure reappear, and the gentleness, comfort, and lightness of movement emerge in daily activities.

Dre Madeleine Tremblay

has been a practicing veterinarian for over 28 years. Her unique background includes Quebec, the West Indies and China, where she practiced medicine and surgery on small and exotic animals. Inspired by her personal and professional experiences, she then turned to alternative holistic medicines and has been certified by the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Center since 2014 and the Chi Institute for Alternative Medicine since 2022. She has also certified in Human-Animal Bond in 2019. Madeleine uses a combination of mobilizations, acupuncture, adjustments, gentle contacts and other techniques to assist animals in gradually freeing themselves of the emotions, tensions, and un-eases present in their bodies. Her sensitivity in connecting with their emotions guides her care. The animals thus benefit from assistance that’s optimal for them, to find comfort and joy in their daily activities.

Stéphane Laurin

is an entrepreneur with a genuine passion for animals and alternative approaches. He also got his Human-Animal Bond certificate in 2020. Through his presence and experience in human relations, Stéphane offers a technical and personalized assistance that’s very much appreciated by customers in facilitating and harmonizing exchanges. His expertise also touches administration, management, human resources, planning, and seeing to the agenda.

The synergy between Madeleine and Stéphane

creates a harmonious, calm, comfortable and safe environment for both animals and their companions. The confidentiality of the exchanges occurs in an atmosphere of joy, gentleness, respect and non-judgment.

The body absorbs unresolved emotions such as stress or shock within the glandular and/or nervous system. The accumulation of these unresolved emotions occurs similarly to that of an onion and its peels. They crystallize in the form of contractions, tensions, or pain within the body, and can turn into trauma or physical unease.


Over time, tensions and emotions get superimposed. The age of the patient, the duration of the trauma, the physical condition, past experiences, and bond with the being that accompanies them all have a direct impact on the frequency and number of sessions required.

Because tensions dissolve in layers and given that the treatment is done with respect for the animal’s body, the first consultation will determine the number of sessions required for optimal efficiency.

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