Soins pour animaux Animal care

Vertebral and articular manipulation therapy is a part of holistic veterinarian medicine. This therapy was developed mid 20th century and has seen constant expansion. It’s thanks to the patience, passion, and experience of several generations of veterinarians and chiropractors who’ve created space to allow for its evolution in America. Although not as widespread in Quebec for the time being, it’s now officially recognized as a veterinary practice.

Acupuncture is a medicine as such and has been around for over 5000 years.
The Balance Method practiced by Dr. Tremblay is taught by the Chi Institute based on the practice methods of several famous acupuncturists. It is a method inspired by the writings of the first acupuncture book, the I-Ching. There are presently less than 200 veterinary practitioners worldwide of this exceptional method.

Through SVM Animotion, Dr. Madeleine Tremblay, assisted by Stéphane Laurin, offers a personalized professional service that’s accredited by the Quebec Order of Veterinary Medicine, certified by the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Center (VCLC) and the Chi Institute in Florida.

It was in 2014 that Madeleine began sharing her passion for this holistic medicine with dogs, cats, horses and the humans that accompany them. Stéphane, with his attentive presence, ensures a climate of calm gentleness that’s conducive to the comfort and well-being of animals and their companions.

We now invite you on a short journey through our world as we introduce you to what a session with SVM Animotion can look like.

Firstly, by taking into consideration the uniqueness of each, Madeleine evaluates your animal’s demeanor and both their physical and neurological condition. The veterinarian’s medical file will complete the Physical Portrait that guides her next steps.

Your companion then receives a care. The process and manipulations used will vary based on the physical portrait. The various options include: mobilization, acupuncture, massage, traction, adjustment, and others… This part assists the animal in welcoming comfort and general relaxation.

The subsequent step consists of Connection. This important part of the treatment is quite special and unique as it occurs gently through the animal’s acceptance of Madeleine and her observations and interactions with the animal. A heart to heart connection is established when the animal allows itself to be touched by the joy, compassion and gratitude that Madeleine exudes by being in its company. It is through this profound connection that she can access the Energetic Portrait.

The trust established between the two allows the animal to increasingly let itself be approached. Repeating the experience in subsequent sessions brings about a profound integration and well-being that will even carry over in everyday life. This is the Harmonisation stage.

Your animal’s Energetic Portrait is the embodiment of all its patterns, present emotions and physical effects that follow suit. It represents the reactions that the animal acquired through various life experiences, from conception to the present moment.

After getting a feel for the portrait, Madeleine offers Behavioural Guidance for your animal. It will assist you in better understanding your companion which will lighten your human-animal relationship. Recommendations can consist of simple exercises, observations or references, to name a few.

The final step consists of optimal physical and emotional Comfort Assistance of your companion. Several products are available on the market, whether they be natural, or prescription based. We’ll guide you towards one or a few specific products while taking into consideration the physical and energetic portrait of your animal. We mostly use Essence de Bach products that complement the care by assisting with the dissolution of emotions present in animals.

Welcome to our world!